Monday, May 30, 2011

In a Spanish mood

I know, I know...people expect to read about Italian food on here, but what can I do? Summertime makes me think of all the summer vacations I spent in Spain and I loved it every time!

Food over there, needless to say, is very similar to our traditions (they don't call Italians and Spanish "the cousins" for nothing): lots of seafood, lots of bite-size apetizers, lots of vegetables and...lots of time spent at the table enjoying good dishes and good drinks.

So here is an example of a classic, super-simple Spanish-inspired dinner at my house:

We start out with some sort of tapas, such as marinated grilled veggies and olive and almonds pate', both spreaded over slices of crusty bread

Could it ever be a Spanish dinner without a made from scratch Paella? Uh-uh, I don't think so. Here we go:

Yeah, I'm full now and already start to think the world is a better place, but about some dessert? Vanilla ice-cream and berries marinated in a watermelon vinaigrette, maybe?

Just imagine all of the above and a glass of chilled homemade Sangria (don't you even touch one of those pre-made mix in a bottle).

Yeah, there are ways to make the sun shine even if it's late at night or it's cloudy out there...