Monday, April 27, 2009


Like many people (at least Italians) my age, I was brought up with a dogma: you NEVER throw away food, unless of course it's not edible for health reasons.

I guess I used to be a good girl back then and listened carefully, because I learned my lesson so well that it now feels like there is an invisible hand stopping me from going anywhere near the trashcan whenever I have some food left from a meal, even if the thought of eating it again really does not appeal to me.

I actually have a problem to begin with: to be completely honest with you, the princess in me hates leftovers in general. I really do not like to reheat food that had been prepared for another occasion. With very few exceptions like some slow cooked stews or similar that I must admit actually taste better the next days or so.
Therefore I have developed a skill which I call the art of recycling. I always try to cook just as much as it is needed for the meal but whenever even that is not enough and the leftovers are unavoidable, I come up with all kinds of ways to hide the origin of the new dish.
Remember the "fegato alla veneziana" I told you we had the other night? I added a couple anchovies and some capers to what was left of that and made a tasty pate' for crostini. Yummy antipasto, right?

I am not saying whatever the new creation is, it is always going to be better than the original recipe, but at least it's different! And in certain case I get appreciable results.

So, be welcome pate', polpette, flans, stuffed vegetables, sauces and anything that can multiply ways of eating whatever we bought. In these hard times it makes a lot of sense to me on the wallet side too!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back To The Kitchen

It's been a lifetime, I know. Not only have I been away from this blog: I must say that I have not spent a lot of time in my own kitchen either, lately.

There are a few reasons for this, some more practical (got a job!), others basically mood-related (I had a few issues going on, not all of them pleasant).

But I guess you know you are healing from being sick when you start being hungry again, right? Well, I'm really hungry for this blog and for some real food too, now, so be warned: I am back! :-)

P.S.: fegato alla veneziana con polenta for dinner last night. Shouldn't this be considered a good sign?